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Open The Nordic Opera Choir 2023

The New Nordic Opera Choir was founded in cooperation between the Herning Opera Festival in Denmark and the Reykjavík Opera Days in Iceland.

The project is financed by the A.P. Møller Foundation and is set to run from 2023 – 2025. The choir will consist of 30 newly educated Nordic singers and singers who are currently studying at music colleges. The singers will be recruited from all of the Nordic countries and work with different conductors and composers.

The purpose of the project

The New Nordic Opera Choir for young talented singers, will be a center for talented singers as a center for a targeted development of the overall talent pool in the North. Here, singing will be the  unifying community for Nordic coherence, networking and exchange of experiences and knowhow. We wish to create a platform for developing meaningful mentoring, cross country relations and network between industry professionals within classical music across the Nordic countries.


We wish to collaborate with prominent talent environments and music colleges in the North on recruiting singers for the opera choir. All costs for transportation, board and lodging will be covered and the singers will receive payment defined by their level of education. We will recruit singers each year of the project, but it will be possible for the singers to participate in the choir all three years.

Yearly activities

The choir will meet for initial rehearsals three days before the first concert at Herning Opera Festival. Afterwards the choir will meet one day before the concert in Reykjavik.

For 2023 the activity plan is as follows:

  • May: all singers receive sheet music for the entire repertoire and detailed information about transportation, board and lodging.
  • August 24th – 26th: Arrival and rehearsal and workshop in Herning, Denmark
  • August 27th: Concert at Herning Opera Festival
  • October 26th or 27th*: Arrival and rehearsal in Reykjavik, Iceland
  • October 28th or 29th*: Concert at Reykjavík Opera Days

*Specific dates will follow shortly

During the singers stay at the different festivals, there will be possibilities to explore other parts of the festival programs.


The choir will perform both classic and new opera. In 2023 the concert format will be a gala concert and we are currently working on commissioning a new opera written specially for the choir in 2025. There will be possibilities for solo performances by the singers in the choir, to be incorporated in the concert.


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    Information about Herning Opera Festival and Reykjavik Opera Days below

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